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This corner is dedicated to the VAG DSG Gearbox and the Mechatronic units.

The DSG mechatronic unit is a critical component in a Direct Shift Gearbox (DSG). It serves as the brain of the transmission, controlling the gear shifts, clutch engagement, and various hydraulic functions. It combines both mechanical and electronic elements to facilitate smooth and rapid gear changes. The mechatronic unit receives input from sensors, processes data, and uses solenoids to actuate clutches and shift gears seamlessly. Its sophisticated design and precise operation are essential for the overall efficiency and performance of the DSG transmission system.

Before you continue I would recommend some reading :

02E DQ250 Self-study programme is designed to help you understand the Direct Shift Gearbox

0GC DQ381 Workshop Manual 7-speed Dual Clutch Transmission

Self Study Program 850183 DQ381 The 7-speed Dual Clutch Transmission 0GC

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The DSG Dual-Clutch Gearbox Environmental Commendation Background Report

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Double clutch gearbox 02E (DSG) Electric Connections VW Golf

Dual clutch gearbox 02E Electrical Connections - Passat
It seems that most affected cars are the VW Passat , VW Touran and the VW Golf produced between 2003 and 2009. I have only seen a few Skoda and a few Seat. Maybe because they are not so abused :)
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Currently, the world of transmission is dominated in Europe by manual gearboxes and in the USA and
Japan by automatic gearboxes. Both types of gearboxes have specific advantages and disadvantages.
The advantages of a manual gearbox are, for example,
high degree of efficiency
robust and sporty characteristic.
The advantages of an automatic gearbox are, for example,
a high level of comfort, above all in gear changes, as there is no interruption in tractive power.
This formed the framework for Volkswagen to combine both transmission concepts into one completely
new gearbox generation: the direct shift gearbox.

Thanks to the double multi-plate clutch design and different automatic gear selection programmes, it is
well capable of meeting the high demands in comfort from drivers who favour automatic gearboxes.
Furthermore, with direct selection and lightning fast, jolt-free gear changes, it also offers a high level of
driving enjoyment to drivers who favour manual gearboxes.
In both cases, fuel consumption is at a par with economical vehicles fitted with manual gearboxes.

The mechatronic unit in a Direct Shift Gearbox (DSG) is a complex component that can experience various issues over time. Some common problems with DSG mechatronic units include:

  1. Faulty Solenoids: The mechatronic unit relies on solenoids to control hydraulic pressure for gear changes and clutch engagement. Malfunctioning solenoids can lead to erratic shifting, hesitation, or complete transmission failure.

  2. Electrical Problems: As the mechatronic unit is heavily reliant on electronic controls, issues with wiring, connectors, or circuitry can cause communication errors and result in improper gear selection or unexpected behavior.

  3. Fluid Contamination: Contaminated or degraded transmission fluid can clog the mechatronic unit's small passages and affect its performance. Regular fluid maintenance is crucial to prevent such problems.

  4. Clutch Wear Adaptation: DSG mechatronic units have adaptive learning capabilities to adjust clutch engagement based on driving habits. However, over time, this adaptation process may cause the clutch to engage improperly, leading to slipping or jerky shifts.

  5. Overheating: DSG mechatronic units generate heat during operation, and excessive heat can cause damage to internal components and lead to issues like solenoid failures or electronic component malfunctions.

  6. Software Glitches: Software bugs or glitches can affect the mechatronic unit's programming, causing shifting irregularities, unexpected behavior, or even triggering warning lights on the dashboard.

  7. Mechanical Wear: The mechanical components within the mechatronic unit, such as gears or actuators, can experience wear and tear over time, leading to reduced efficiency and reliability.

  8. Lack of Maintenance: Neglecting regular transmission fluid changes or software updates can exacerbate potential issues and reduce the mechatronic unit's lifespan.

  9. Manufacturing Defects: In some cases, mechatronic units may have manufacturing defects that lead to premature failures or performance problems.

Most of the valves can be refurbished but until now I have never seen anyone being able to refurbish the Pressure Control N215 or Pressure Control N216.

DSG 02E Mechatronic Unit from DQ250 Transmission

Some of the most common symptoms of a Mechatronic Failure are :

  • Flashing PRNDS in the Dash and the gearbox will switch to neutral.

  • Hard engaging of the 1st gear (slams into the first gear) from a stand still point or in Reverse.  This can sometimes also be caused by a decallibration of the clutches so you might be able to "save the day"  by performing a recalibration with a VCDS cable. Procedure can be found on Ross Tech website. *
    If this does not help or only for SHORT term, your next move is to change the N215 / N216 solenoids.

  • Hard downshifting from 3 to 2 and 2 to 1st gear followed by some loud "clunk" noises. *
    Again, this can be caused by sticky N215 / N216 , changing them should help.
    Problem can SOMETIMES be attenuated in software with a remap

  • Shaking / juddering feeling while in 2nd gear and the car pulls up. *

  • Jerking between gears *
    * This problems can be caused by worn valves. Changing the affected valve might solve your problem (N215 / N216).

  • Loss of power between 1300-2000 RPM. Car feels like dead

If you have any other experiences please let me know, I will add them.

For whoever needs I can supply electronic parts for the DQ250 DSG Mechatronic / Mechatronik units.

I have the following :
Pressure Control N215 Valve 1 (N215)
Pressure Control N216 Valve 2 (N216)
Pressure Control N217 Valve 3 (N217)
Pressure Control N218 Valve 4 (N218)
Pressure Control N233 Valve 5 (N233)
Pressure Control N371 Valve 6 (N371)

N88 Solenoid Valve 1
N89 Solenoid Valve 2
N90 Solenoid Valve 3
N91 Solenoid Valve 4
N92 Solenoid Valve 5

Circuit boards, solenoids and also some whole Mechatronic units are available also upon request.
Mechatronic Pressure Control Valves are available on request.

This valves are present in ALL VW/Audi group DSG Mechatronic gearboxes and usually you will be able to read one of this error codes when one valve goes :

18222 P1814 Pressure Control Valve 1 (N215), Open / Short to Ground **
18223 P1815 Pressure Control Solenoid 1 (N215), Short to B+ **
18226 P1818 Pressure Control Solenoid 2 (N216), electrical malfunction **
18227 P1819 Pressure Control Solenoid 2 (N216), Open / Short to Ground **
18228 P1820 Pressure Control Solenoid 2 (N216), Short to B+ **

N215 / N216 errors appearing on the newer versions of mechatronic units like 02E927770AL , 02E927770AM , 02E927770AT , 02E927770AS , 02E927770AQ would probbably be caused by BAD N215 / N216 solenoids.
Try replacing this solenoids before doing anything else.

** This errors can be caused by insufficient oil in the gearbox. Please check the level and the quality of oil first.

18231 P1823 Pressure Control Solenoid 3 (N217), electrical malfunction
18232 P1824 Pressure Control Solenoid 3 (N217), Open / Short to Ground
18233 P1825 Pressure Control Solenoid 3 (N217), Short to B+
18236 P1828 Pressure Control Solenoid 4 (N218), electrical malfunction
18237 P1829 Pressure Control Solenoid 4 (N218), Open / Short to Ground
18238 P1830 Pressure Control Valve 4 (N218), Short to Plus
18241 P1833 Pressure Control Solenoid 5 (N233), electrical malfunction
18242 P1834 Pressure Control Solenoid 5 (N233) Open / Short to Ground
18243 P1835 Pressure Control Solenoid 5 (N233) Short to B+
18246 P1838 Pressure Control Solenoid 6 (N371), electrical malfunction
18247 P1839 Pressure Control Solenoid 6 (N371) Open / Short to Ground
18248 P1840 Pressure Control Solenoid 6 (N371) Short to B+

If your mechatronic unit has THIS PART NUMBER 02E927770AJ please AVOID remapping  / tuning your gearbox. It might cause your unit to brick ! So owners of 02E927770AJ units, make sure this unit stays with stock software.
If you get ANY of this errors mentioned on your 02E927770AJ this unit is most certain beyond repair. I have seen very few cases where 02E927770AJ can be repaired. This units are called EXX units and are produced between 2008 and 2009 , after that VAG dropped them as being to unreliable.
We have seen also 02E927770AJ bricking while performing basic settings.

I DO NOT RECOMMEND flushing the DQ250 ... geabroxes have an internal filter INSIDE the geabox , and if flushed the gearbox might clog this filter and other problems might arise from there.

Most of the older Audi TT will ONLY run with hardware 02E927770AD , so if you own an older Audi TT and your mechatronic unit is an 02E927770AD , it is most likely that this car will not run with any other part number than 02E927770AD. SOME versions will accept 02E927770AM , 02E927770AL , 02E927770AT , 02E927770AS but not all of them.



19143 - Unexpected / Implausible Mechanical Gear Disengagement
P2711 - 004 - - Intermittent

The following error is most likely caused by a mechanical problem (most likely worn) clutch but can also be an error on the Mechatronic unit or wrong software version.

So if you get this errors after replacing your mechatronic unit , make sure the software version on the "new" mechatronic unit is the correct version for your car. 



Mechatronic Solenoid Valves

If you need some of this or you have any problems with your DSG Gearbox of the Mechatronic unit please drop me an e-mail at jaxelos @ and if I have time I will try to help.
My time is VERY LIMTED and if I can see you waste my time I will not answer.
When you ask questions please send LOG FILE with ALL the errors , history of WHAT has been done previously
and provide me AT LEAST VIN number so I know what kind of gearbox you have, I am not GOD so I can't guess !!!


In order to get a better overview of your problem please try to DESCRIBE the problem as good as possible but do no write me a whole novella.
Remember to say "HI" and
present yourself so I know who I am writing with and please
tell me from
where you are!

I will NOT answer e-mails like this :

"I have a problem with my DSG, please help me"
"Do you have a file for DSG6 6?"
or similar e-mail. I will try to help the people who really need the help but please do not waste my time.
If you have a LOG file with the errors of the car please SEND the log file along with the e-mail.
Send me some details about the car also : Make, model, year, engine code, gearbox code,VIN number and please try to get the error codes... as many details about the problem as possible.




If you want a guaranteed answer and help then please buy a support ticket here:


I can fix /repair Mechatronic units including the circuit boards if necessary.
Let me know what the problem is with the unit and I can give you a quote.
!!! I live in DENMARK !!!


BEFORE YOU SEND ME ANY QUESTIONS regarding problems with your DSG gearbox make sure you have checked the following:

  • ALL YOUR ABS Sensors are working in perfect condition. You can log the signal of all 4 sensors with the VCDS Tester. or VCP. The most important one here is the REAR wheel sensors.

  • Make sure your diesel filter is changed and not filled up with oil.

  • You changed the DSG oil and filter and you performed the DSG Adaptation correctly.

  • You have no other errors on the engine control management.

  • Your EGR Valve is in good working condition and engine runs as it should.

  • CHECK your VACUUM Pump and be sure there are NO OIL LEAKS that will reduce the Vacuum necessary for the perfect working condition of the engine.

  • Did YOU or someone else made software modifications to the Mechatronic ? What has been done and when ?

DSG it is pretty strong in terms of mechanics , If you want to keep your DSG gearbox in good condition I would recommend the following :

- Changing oil before the 60.000km indicated in the book (I recommend 40-45.000km as the gearbox is very sensitive about oil quality and you can never drain it all)
- Do not overheat the car and do not push it to its limits when HOT.
- Keep the engine in good working condition (smallest problems can influence how the gearbox changes and reacts).
- Once in a while check the rear wheel bearings on the rear wheels (they have the ABS rings built in) and if you feel they are noisy change them.
- Do not drive with the car in water that can go above your DSG connector on the gearbox.
- Keep the engine room clean and once in a while (every 2-3 years) clean all the earth connections in the engine bay.
- Check your fuel filter for oil residues and change it regularly. (On some engines the vacuum pump tends to leak oil)
- Check the condition of the DMF and if it's noisy or it has play, change it before it damages the clutches, drive shafts.
- Check Cooling fluid level regularly and if it drops below level and you can not see where the water goes, check gearbox oil for contamination. DSG oil coolers tend to break and oil contamination will occur.

Here is a detailed video on how to change the Valves / Solenoids on your mechatronic unit.


Thank you in advance.

Here below is one of my old videos while I dismantled and put back together the DQ250 Mechatronic unit.
Some more videos will come soon. This was a defective unit and I have made the video just for documentation.
It was a long time ago when I was a noob :)

DQ250 02E927770AQ Units and newer are immobilized units. So if your unit it is broken , you can not just replace it with another 02E927770AQ unit without making a clone of it where both Flash and Eeprom are copied over. For now , there is no VIRGIN sollution for the DQ250 0D9.... for now.


I  can also flash new software to existing Mechatronic units or repair them taking your old units in exchange.
I can also fix the CIRCUIT BOARD and not only the components in the Mechatronic unit.

The Mechatronic units are intercheangeable between car brand and model (no matter what your dealer said), they just need to be re programmed / flashed to fit your car. If you want to move one Mechatronic from one car to another I might be able to help you with the software.

IF you need help with your DSG Problems and want my help please open a support ticket

http;// - for all your DSG files needs.